Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More pictures from RFL

From Mister Donovan Messerchmitt, a dozen snapshots of Steelhead Salmons pounding the pavement and gathering around the train station during Collapsing Closing Ceremonies.

From Miss Riven Homewood, pictures of various builds (especially Castle Wulfenbach) and her especial friends in the Magic Sisters, Selle and Desdamona who walked a couple of laps themselves. (She has quite a few pictures, but hasn't tagged all the RFL ones.)

From Miss Eladrienne Laval, the Steelhead build/Castle Wulfenbach and some wanderings around the Heroes sims.

From Miss Krystine Qinan, several including a beautifully and subtly accented portrait of the Europan Consul and Vice Consul on board the Castle Wulfenbach, during Miss Eugenia Burton's group portrait photo session (results forthcoming).

The Second Life Relay For Life Flicker group

...and more to come, but I should have been in bed two hours ago. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some Relay images

They're in somewhat scattered order in Flickr, here (click the photo):

The Steelhead Salmons, collected at the end of their efforts.