Summary: Request to reconsider avatar banning
Ticket Type: Technical Issue
Technical issue: I've logged in, but there is a problem
Inworld Issue: Avatar
Did you check the Knowledge Base?: No, I did not check the Knowledge Base
Preferred Language: English
Details: I would like to request a reconsideration of the banning of Darien Mason. Darien was conducting extensive roleplay and did not mean to violate TOS, only to tell his stories effectively; he certainly did it inadvertently and without malice, intent to defraud, or any other possible malign actions. His absence leaves a huge hole in the societies of multiple sims (Caledon, Steelhead, New Babbage to start). He is very sorry for causing a problem, and wishes to come back with the single account under restrictions if you would take mercy on him (and all of us) and let him do so. Please do reconsider it. He adds so much to Second Life.
Reference Ticket number: 4051-6388684, 4051-6457938