Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm not ungrateful, I'm just /late/!

I had the best First Rezday party...! Actually, my rezday is September 5th, but Annechen's... um, Missus Lowey's is earlier, mine's later, and Myfi's rezday AND birthday are just about splitting the difference between us, so we had it this past Sunday, the 17th. Myfi made time specifically for it, so we didn't have to celebrate her in absentia - that was a sort of present in itself.

Duchess Gabrielle herself DJ'd for us, and did a set for each of us specifically, plus a handful of the Mad Science Playlist from way back at the Kittiwick Town Consulate's official opening. Therefore, you know the music was absolutely fantastic. The three dogs followed us into the pavilion, and it got even more canine when Melanippe brought her Irish Wolfhound Prokris, Kara her Aussie, Oscar, and Mister Pinion's Aussie, Jo. Annechen even let Hans loose, and he wandered around fearlessly, meowing his head off.

Lots of people came; Miss Riven Homewood even gave me a present made by the famous sculptor Madcow Cosmos! It's a marvelous and Kemetic (OK, ancient Egyptian)-y "sun beetle" to hang on a wall. Miss Emilly Orr gave me a delightful green and white Tiny dress that makes me look like lamb in mint sauce (hee). And of course, the Consulate staff gave me the party in the first place. Melanippe also brought the Justice League with her! Yes, I had Superman and Supergirl at my party, and Captain America, and a Green Lantern, too!

Miz Tensai put on a different stream after the Duchess had to leave, and people danced for hours more. I only regret I didn't get any pictures, because I was still Tiny and trying to avoid being stepped on, and it was too difficult to wrestle with my camera and enjoy myself at the same time.

Thank you Consulate, Steelhead, Caledon and Justice League Unlimited. You made it great.