Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Work for the Shirtless project

Missus Lowey said to make note of this, so here even if it's kind of public, I can't lose it.

Poses purchased: 15, 10 @ L$100, 4 @ L$75, 1 @ L$25 (but not all for the shoot)

Set built: 4-5 hours. Materials on-hand, no direct purchases.

Photos taken, submitted or not: myself, Miss Magdelena Kamenev, Misses Selle and Desdamona Magic, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Mister Herr G√ľnstling Messenger.

Retouching done: On Miss K's (just a little); some on one of the Baron's; a lot on G√ľnstling's and one of Missus Lowey's. Time taken on the long ones? Ummm... say 30 minutes each? I had to replace a floor in the Baron's case and fix the $%#@*!! mesh on Missus Lowey's.

...I'm not used to keeping track of this sort of stuff.

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