Saturday, February 14, 2009

Relay For Life in Second Life has officially begun


  • Ask people you like to be with and who you trust. Choose greatness!

  • Have a team kickoff to recruit new members and get things going

  • Set a team fundraising goal of at least $100/person or $1000 for the team
    • fundraising year around will lead to more success and less burnout

    • don’t forget to plan some on-site fundraisers for the day of Relay

    • see the Encyclopedia of Fundraisers for great ideas get creative with FUN-raisers that the whole team can help with and enjoy

  • Select a co-captain to help you

  • Organize your team by forming team committees
    • Lay out team fundraisers on a calendar and discuss team members responsibility for each

    • delegate

    • trust and support your team members

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!
    • have regular team meetings

    • copy and distribute the Relay newsletters

    • do a team newsletter

    • call and email with updates, good news (“Kimberly just got a $20 donation!”), reminders about fundraisers, upcoming team meetings, etc.

  • Attend team captain meetings or send someone in your place
    • pass along information you get at team captain meetings

    • keep your team informed about incentive prizes, rules, games, contests, etc.

  • Make sure you turn in your registration fee and form by the deadline. Don’t forget to turn in any other forms needed by the Relay committee.

  • Motivate, excite and enthuse your team
    • dedicate your team’s efforts to a cancer survivor share information about the American Cancer Society programs and services that you receive at team captain meetings

    • be their cheerleader and their biggest fan!

    • ask survivors that you know to come to Relay and walk in the Opening Lap

    • hang Relay posters, banners, balloons in your office

  • Take up the fight against cancer and volunteer to help with ACS programs and services. The ACS is always in need of volunteers. There are many opportunities for you and your entire team to get involved – from driving cancer patients to and from treatment to educating others on the importance of prevention and early detection to helping with the American Cancer Society’s legislative agenda by becoming a grass roots advocate.

  • Have a Team Wrap Up Party
    • review the team’s activities, fundraisers, etc. to find out what worked well and what could be improved

    • distribute/announce any awards your team won.

    • you can even have your own awards for your team’s Top Fundraiser, Most Laps Walked, etc.

    • start planning for next year’s Relay !

  • HAVE FUN ! !

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