Thursday, March 26, 2009


Electra is a very fine computer (or should I say "difference engine"), but of course there's More out there. I wasn't feeling very good today; my concentration was not of the best, so I started playing with computer configurators on-line.

With the new CUDA developments between nVidia and BOINC, I'd love to have a quad-core dual-GPU system to do double-duty between SL and numbers-crunching. I'd be able to process six workunits for BOINC projects while I wasn't in-world. And with dual video boards, apparently I'd be able to process SL stuff with breathtaking speed (or so Dave suggested back when we were building Elektra).

My problem is that I can't read this shorthand they have for descriptions. How can I tell if it has two video slots, or USB ports on the front of the case, or how much cooling is optimal, or... lots of stuff. I need a Rosetta Stone.

Even if it is just for wistfulness.

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