Monday, July 20, 2009

Comparative numbers

Relay for Life (Corporate Teams) [sampled from 100-team, 300-team and 1500-team categories]:
Wal*Mart: $1,384,614.46 (9674 participants)
Starbucks Employees: $116,550.32 (1494 participants)
American Airlines: $213,838.81 (965 participants)

Relay For Life National Partners (Non-Corporate Teams)
US Jaycees: $134,346.20 (1255 participants)
Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.: $72,304.78 (418 participants)
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.: $36,843.62 (444 participants)

Relay For Life of Second Life - Convio (out-world) Fundraising:
130 Teams registered
407 Participants
US$14,899.62 raised

Relay For Life of Second Life - in-world Fundraising:
L$60,324,956 (~ U.S.$263,361)
Avatars: 1913 (who knows how many alts? [shrugs])

Steelhead Salmons
L$217,000 in-world (last year L$113,000)
US$800.00 out-world (#5!)

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Jodoc said...

Did you not do a How To Construct A Triskele article back in the day?
If you could resurrect a copy i would be most appreciative. Mine has gang a gley.

Hope you are well.

Baron Taliesynne