Sunday, October 14, 2012

Winterfell Library "Girl Genius" Book Discussion - Volume 1 (the Beetleburg Clank), 14 October 2012

This transcript has been specifically permitted by the participants. It has been slightly edited for name clarity, a little punctuation and self-corrections by the speakers. Both the raw transcript and permissions documentation available on request. _________________________________________________
[13:31] JJ Drinkwater clears his throat
[13:31] Wildstar Beaumont: :)
[13:31] JJ Drinkwater: Welcome to the first meeting of our Girl Genius discussion series. Thank you all for joining us.
[13:31] Tanarian Davies claps
[13:31] JJ Drinkwater: If you'll permit me, I'd like to say a little bit about this series. The Girl Genius graphic novel and webcomic is well known in the Steamlands, and vocabulary from it, like "Jager", and "Clank" and "Europa" have become commonplace.
[13:31] Leslie Weston: ~*~ HUZZAH!!! ~*~
[13:32] JJ Drinkwater: However, becoming familar with the story can be daunting, as it's been going on, in serial form, for more than a decade.
[13:32] JJ Drinkwater: This discussion group is for Steamlnders who want to acquaint themselves with the saga, and the world, of Girl Genius, and see what all the fuss is about...
[13:33] Prince Telling nods
[13:33] JJ Drinkwater: ...and for afficianados who want to revisit the narrative over again from the beginning; as well as for anyone who enjoys graphic novels.
[13:33] JJ Drinkwater: Gentlebeings, we have one special ground rule for this group (besides the usual “mind your manners”, “don’t monopolize the conversation”, “don’t talk over other people”, etc) and that is NO SPOILERS
[13:34] JJ Drinkwater: No doubt some of you you follow the comic faithfully, but please, as a courtesy to the rest of the group, refrain from talking about the most recent episode, or what you know is coming, and confine your conversation to whichever volume the group is currently discussing.
[13:34] JJ Drinkwater: Now, I can give a recap of volume 1, or we can just launch into exulting, opining, analyzing, etc
[13:35] Prince Telling: Recap please sir
[13:35] JJ Drinkwater: What's the desire of the group?
[13:35] Wildstar Beaumont: do recap, please
[13:35] Random Wezzog: Recap, please :)
[13:35] Leslie Weston: yes, would be helpful for those of us for whom it's been some time
[13:35] Renee Caxton: Recap, definitely
[13:35] JJ Drinkwater: As the first volume of Girl Genius begins, we see Professor Phil Foglio sitting down to tell a story. This volume recounts the fateful day a frightening entity appears to Agatha Heterodyne
[13:36] Podruly Peccable nods
[13:36] JJ Drinkwater: Agatha subsequently has her locket stolen, a locket with significant history, and mysterious powers.
[13:36] Leslie Weston says EEEEEEP!
[13:37] JJ Drinkwater: In this volume, we encounter characters and concepts that will play large roles in the story:
[13:37] JJ Drinkwater: Punch and Judy, who know more about Agatha than she does about herself, including things about Agatha’s mysterious Uncle Barry.
[13:37] Wildstar Beaumont: :)
[13:37] JJ Drinkwater: We meet them as Adam and Lilith
[13:37] Herndon Bluebird: Ahhh
[13:38] JJ Drinkwater: We begin to encounter “Clanks, ” which are autonomous mechanical devices, robots with varying degrees of consciousness.
[13:38] Podruly Peccable looks blank
[13:38] Tanarian Davies giggles
[13:38] Prince Telling smiles gently
[13:38] JJ Drinkwater: We hear about “The Spark”, an attribute that defines scientific geniuses called “Sparks”
[13:39] JJ Drinkwater: And about “Breaking through”, when Sparks manifest their talent
[13:39] JJ Drinkwater: we meet Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and his son Gilgamesh, politically powerful sparks with an army at their disposal.
[13:39] Tanarian Davies holds her applause
[13:39] Wildstar Beaumont: :))
[13:39] JJ Drinkwater: Jagers, monstrous soldiers in the employ of the Wulfenbachs.
[13:40] JJ Drinkwater: And “Slaver Wasps”, something very, very bad, but we don’t really get any idea what they are or what they do.
[13:40] JJ Drinkwater: ANd that is *quite* enough from me.
[13:40] Random Wezzog: Thank you :)
[13:40] Tanarian Davies holds up her hand
[13:41] Tanarian Davies: Sir?
[13:41] JJ Drinkwater: What stood out, for you, in this first volume?
[13:41] JJ Drinkwater: Miss Davies?
[13:41] Tanarian Davies: May I have permission to share this transcript?
[13:41] JJ Drinkwater: (Ludo! WHat a rare pleasure it is to see you!)
[13:41] Ludo Merit: Hi, JJ
[13:42] JJ Drinkwater: I don't mind your sharing it, but you ought to get permission (in IM) from the others who are here
[13:42] Kghia Gherardi: I was immediately struck by the way the characters were drawn
[13:42] JJ Drinkwater: Can you say more, Dame Kghia? Whjat struck you?
[13:43] Kghia Gherardi: They are so substantial
[13:44] Serra: I like how the emotions of each character was over exaggerated, even by comic standards this was taken a bit further than I am used to
[13:44] Kghia Gherardi: As someone who grew up with Marvel comics, it was wonderful alternative. It sets up a tone for the work
[13:44] JJ Drinkwater: Indeed, Professor Phil reminds me of Hokusai...the vividness of his characters' expressions and body language.
[13:44] Serra: almost the point of some anime
[13:44] Podruly Peccable: Yes, Agatha has a very mobile face
[13:45] Annechen Löwey: Women do have hips, despite certain artist's aversions, yet.
[13:45] Tanarian Davies: I usually say that there's an emotional style, not a realistic one.
[13:45] JJ Drinkwater: I love Agatha's expression here:
[13:45] Serra: Every panel makes use of the opportunity to show full emotion
[13:45] Prince Telling: :D
[13:45] JJ Drinkwater: In the last panel
[13:46] Podruly Peccable laughs
[13:46] Podruly Peccable: Yes
[13:46] Annechen Löwey: You are not kept guessing (in this volume) what most of the characters are thinking.
[13:46] Serra: That is very true, Frau Lowey... and much to my enjoyment too!
[13:46] Prince Telling: an excellent point
[13:47] JJ Drinkwater: And the characters betray various moods with their expresions...the Jagers are goofy as well as mounstrous,
[13:47] Prince Telling: I very much like the beginning
[13:48] Prince Telling: It is such a good start
[13:48] Wildstar Beaumont: the Jagers are ... interesting ... I haven't "placed" them yet
[13:48] Sera Puchkina: Me too, sir.
[13:48] JJ Drinkwater: We get a bit of meta-narrative in the first panel...but it isn't worked too hard
[13:49] Leslie Weston: If I may, Girl Genius was my first exposure to the concept of "steampunk" as was
[13:49] Annechen Löwey: The exaggeration here is something that draws you into the story, to give you a reason to delve into the complexities of the society that frames the tale.
[13:49] Kghia Gherardi: meta-narrative?
[13:49] Podruly Peccable: Its beautifully detailed, I love the ornamentation on the clanks etc... the ornate plus mechanical is great
[13:49] Leslie Weston: which I found fascinating as well
[13:49] Wildstar Beaumont loved the reference to students and faculty (you know who you are) that are reading novels instead of studying :)
[13:49] Serra just paged through to find the point where the art went from black and white to full color
[13:50] Tanarian Davies: There may be cause to bring up the Professors' definition of "gaslamp fantasy" versus "steampunk" at some point.
[13:50] Herndon Bluebird: :-)
[13:50] JJ Drinkwater: What I mean, Dame Kghia, is that it starts with a storyteller...and then we launch into what turns out to be the same story,
[13:50] Podruly Peccable: The change to colour was gradual... through tints, I loved that
[13:50] Leslie Weston: yes
[13:50] Serra:
[13:50] Serra: top of the sheet
[13:50] Kghia Gherardi encountered jagers in SL before she encountered GG and was quite confused
[13:50] Tanarian Davies: The original printing was pure B&W inks, and has a beauty of detail as a separate work.
[13:50] Serra: That moment of pop when she snaps *grins*
[13:51] Tanarian Davies has a theory about that moment.
[13:51] Wildstar Beaumont: Same as Dame Kghia :)
[13:51] Serra: I think that is when her spark snapped too? (into place?)
[13:52] JJ Drinkwater: Well, don't be coy, Miss Davies...pray tell us your long as it doesn't involve spoilers
[13:52] Serra: just a guess, I havent read more than vol 1.. so no spoilers from me
[13:52] Tanarian Davies: Well... it kind of does, so I'll hold on for now.
[13:53] Gyro Muggins: Pardon Lord Neill
[13:53] JJ Drinkwater: I quite agree, Miss Serra...we see there that there's a good bit more to Agatha that we've yet seen
[13:53] JJ Drinkwater: Tautological...but you knbow what I mean
[13:54] Prince Telling: It is a theme of chapter one... we see quite often hints that no one is quite what they seem
[13:54] Wildstar Beaumont (who has just read vol. 1 ) thinks that the loss of the locket triggered something
[13:54] Wildstar Beaumont: or better .. the locket was keeping the spark under control
[13:54] Sera Puchkina: I confess to being a bit put off by the exaggerated expressions but the storyline has drawn me in. I am intrigued by the mysteries.
[13:55] Serra: well i had no idea that the color meant something other than her losing her temper.. but then there was talk of spark and Gil said "maybe its the girl"
[13:56] JJ Drinkwater: So many threads get started in this volume.
[13:56] Podruly Peccable: Greasy fingers don't lie :)
[13:56] Wildstar Beaumont smiles
[13:56] Serra: my favorite part was when she tripped on the crate
[13:56] Serra: and there was a little worm
[13:56] Serra: made me laugh out loud
[13:56] Serra: I love things like that
[13:56] JJ Drinkwater: Before we leave the subject of Professor Phil as an artist, I want to note his genius with sight gags
[13:57] JJ Drinkwater: Exactly, Miss Serra!
[13:57] Serra: I was reading your mind again... sorry :P
[13:57] Leslie Weston: Is there anyone here who has read other comics of this time and earlier?
[13:57] Finster: What passes for his mind, anyway
[13:58] JJ Drinkwater: "Of this time"?
[13:58] Leslie Weston: Who can tell me whether the "steampunk," or "gas light" concept
[13:58] Leslie Weston: ...was popular?
[13:58] Leslie Weston: I started reading Girl Genius on and off when I first entered Caledon in 2007
[13:58] Leslie Weston: and it was my first exposure to the whole world
[13:58] JJ Drinkwater: "Gaslamp" is original with the Foglios, is it not?
[13:58] Podruly Peccable: I think they coined the term Gaslamp Fantasy
[13:59] Tanarian Davies: It's a term the Professoressa coined, because they have no "punks" in their story.
[13:59] Tanarian Davies grins
[13:59] Leslie Weston: I'm curious about its place in popular culture?
[13:59] Annechen Löwey: When they began publishing, I bleive the Steampunk movement was just getting some minor press.
[13:59] Leslie Weston: gas or steam :)
[13:59] Annechen Löwey: However, not knowing about the term, they coined the term Gaslamp Fantasy.
[13:59] Leslie Weston: interesting
[14:00] Tanarian Davies: You could say American steampunk dates back to Wild Wild West fandom, but it really broke through with "The Difference Engine".
[14:00] Annechen Löwey: I believe it was an instance of parallel development.
[14:01] Wildstar Beaumont: I always refer to Wild Wild West when I have to explain to somebody not familiar
[14:01] Prince Telling: yes
[14:01] Leslie Weston: I'm somewhat familiar with the concept now, but when I first started reading GG, I was not
[14:01] JJ Drinkwater: And, indeed, the world of GG is a thing apart...if there's any such thing as canonical Steampunk, GG ain't it.
[14:01] Leslie Weston: I found that part of the comic fascinating
[14:02] Annechen Löwey: There are several "scientific romances" that tap into the sensibilities, though.
[14:03] JJ Drinkwater: Are there? Most interesting.
[14:03] Stereo Nacht: GG may not be "canonical" Steampunk, but it certainly has most of what Steampunk is.
[14:04] Serra: I was happy to see when I started reading that the architecture was Tudor-ish in feel, I knew there were clanks coming... but the idea that architecture was still simple.... thats what I want winterfell to be but never had a visual frame work to make it plausible to me.. that made me happy... and annoyed I didnt read this sooner
[14:04] JJ Drinkwater: Oh,'s what *else* it has that sts it apart, to my mind.
[14:04] Annechen Löwey: When the Steampunk movement taps H. G. Wells and Jules Verne as ancestors, I would think so... the Foglios have taken some of that spirit, but I do not think there *is* one single work that is the canon of Steampunk.
[14:05] JJ Drinkwater: True, but there are popular tropes.... and GG transcends those
[14:05] Leslie Weston: you may well be right, Fray Löwey,
[14:05] Leslie Weston: but GG was still an entrée into the world, for me
[14:06] Wildstar Beaumont nods at Frau Lowey
[14:06] Leslie Weston: we are all so familiar with these concepts now
[14:06] Annechen Löwey: Now, you look at their advertising, stating "Romance! Adventure! Mad Science!" and it is easy to see the tale as a gateway story.
[14:07] Stereo Nacht: Same here. And what brought me to SL, by extension.
[14:07] Annechen Löwey: Captain Stereo means we dragged her in from the forum.
[14:07] JJ Drinkwater: Now, Thereby hangs a tale, Captain Nacht
[14:07] Stereo Nacht: Exactly.
[14:08] Tanarian Davies giggles
[14:08] Stereo Nacht: But that can wait; unless we are at that point in the discussion? ;-)
[14:08] Prince Telling: GG makes solid use of adventure heroics... but the limits are much more 'twilight zone' at times...
[14:08] JJ Drinkwater: An excellent comparison, SIr!
[14:09] Serra: I was amazed that Agatha could beat and hold her own against two men for a while! that was great!
[14:09] JJ Drinkwater: There is much that's aguably on the border of the supernatural
[14:09] Wildstar Beaumont: when I read the comics first , I did find myself "at home" ... somewhere in my mind I thought "this is a 'second life' comic"
[14:09] Tanarian Davies: (Hence "fantasy".)
[14:09] Annechen Löwey: Not magic, merely unproven theories.
[14:09] Leslie Weston: :)
[14:10] Tanarian Davies giggles
[14:10] Serra: that is all magic is *wink*
[14:10] Stereo Nacht: What you point out, Ms. Serra, is probably one of the greatest strength (for me) of the story, after the storytelling itself.
[14:10] Satu Moreau: Ack! bad chair
[14:10] JJ Drinkwater: I quite agree, Admiral...when I started reading it (pre-SL) I had a sense of being in a familar world
[14:10] Prince Telling: the adroit use of 'madboys' in social and tall tale use is quite excellent
[14:10] Podruly Peccable: Well, mad science, on the boundary of the possible, is what runs through it
[14:11] Stereo Nacht: There is no sexism. Anyone can be anything, regardless of sex - or any other characteristics, really.
[14:11] Stereo Nacht: Also, the Professors serves their fan-service equally to all tastes! ;-0
[14:11] Gyro Muggins: "Madboys?" as in those impeccable beings who never risk losing their hats?
[14:11] JJ Drinkwater: Despite a heavy dose of the outfits
[14:11] Gyro Muggins: Jagermonsters
[14:11] Tanarian Davies: No, those are Jaegermonsters.
[14:12] Tanarian Davies: Madboys are Sparks.
[14:12] Tanarian Davies: Are Mad scientists.
[14:12] Tanarian Davies: (mostly)
[14:12] Gyro Muggins: Somehow I missed that connection. ty
[14:12] Prince Telling: a vulgar use = sparks = madboys
[14:12] Tanarian Davies nods
[14:12] Serra: "gender imagery" LOL
[14:12] Serra: I have to say I noticed that as well Mr Drinkwater
[14:13] Serra: Quite a juicy peach is Agatha!
[14:13] Stereo Nacht: Well, I won't speak too much of "gender imagery", since we are limiting ourselves to the first book today.
[14:13] JJ Drinkwater: I can't tell you how I envy Gil's wardrobe
[14:13] Sidonie Ancelin: The Professors like their ladies curvy ;)
[14:13] Serra has heard plenty of his envy
[14:13] JJ Drinkwater: And their gents on the buff side
[14:14] Serra: true :)
[14:14] Stereo Nacht: Hmmm. Yes. "Girl Genius: the webcomic where you drool at seeing the characters dressed as well as undressed!" ;-D
[14:14] JJ Drinkwater: Some ambitious Steamlands clothier could do well with GG-style outfits
[14:14] Wildstar Beaumont: :)
[14:14] Serra: Is each volume a year?
[14:15] Stereo Nacht: (But rest at ease. Even when undressed, they stay within PG limits!)
[14:15] Tanarian Davies: Roughly, not exactly.
[14:15] Tanarian Davies: Volume 1 is extra short compared to later ones.
[14:15] JJ Drinkwater: But, it's true, gender is more or less only skin deep in the world we see there.
[14:15] Serra: okay good to know
[14:16] JJ Drinkwater: Although the early scenes at the University, and in the lab, there are more male scientists
[14:16] Sidonie Ancelin: That's because there are very few female Sparks.
[14:16] Serra: clanks have gender?
[14:16] Annechen Löwey: It is an issue addressed later in the tale.
[14:16] JJ Drinkwater: AH, but a number of the scientists in the lab scene are explicitly NOT spark
[14:16] Stereo Nacht: True; even to this day, most science faculties attract more men than women. But we get an extra explanation later.
[14:16] Annechen Löwey: Clanks may or may not.
[14:17] Wildstar Beaumont: hmm ... interesting .. when the baron dismissed Agatha thinking that the soldier was the one with the spark and Agatha was his lover, I thought there was a gender prejudice there
[14:17] Serra: Funny how absence of gender defaults to male.. but that is another topic all together
[14:17] Tanarian Davies: There's reason for it, though.
[14:17] Podruly Peccable continues to look blank
[14:17] Tanarian Davies giggles at Sir Podruly
[14:18] Annechen Löwey: He saw her at work in the lab.
[14:18] Annechen Löwey: That was why he dismissed her as the spark.
[14:18] JJ Drinkwater: Speaking of the scenes in the lab....did anyone remark the panel after panel of Gil holding the fishbowl....with the fish still in it?
[14:18] Serra: he blew her off not because she was female.. but because she was hysterical
[14:18] Tanarian Davies: He was told she was incompetent.
[14:18] Serra: hysterical = not scientist
[14:18] Sidonie Ancelin: She had a bit of reputation at the University as a hopeless clod.
[14:18] Wildstar Beaumont nods
[14:18] Tanarian Davies: Goldfish rules.
[14:19] Sidonie Ancelin: So, he was also basing it off the assessment of the other scientists.
[14:19] Tanarian Davies: Goldfish makes a return cameo.
[14:19] Podruly Peccable: Yes! I loved the by play with the fish - also establishing Gil as a caring person
[14:19] Tanarian Davies: A caring person with really good balance!
[14:19] Serra: hehe
[14:19] Podruly Peccable: hehe
[14:19] Sidonie Ancelin: Goldfish expressions for the win, too.
[14:19] Satu Moreau: :)
[14:19] JJ Drinkwater: And showing him as not just powerful and sparky...but also a bit absurd
[14:19] Tanarian Davies: The text novels clarify that Sparks have a little physical superiority too (not a spoiler!).
[14:20] Prince Telling: Text novels?
[14:20] Prince Telling leans forward
[14:20] Tanarian Davies: So part of it's training, and part of it is natural.
[14:20] Tanarian Davies nods
[14:21] Tanarian Davies: They're doing conventional novels, and their editor needs a spanking.
[14:21] Prince Telling: oho
[14:21] Annechen Löwey: Yes, there are text novels recently published, with additional information.
[14:21] JJ Drinkwater: I can't imagine it without the visuals
[14:21] Tanarian Davies: Re-adapting the story, telling it another way.
[14:21] Prince Telling writes a note on his cuff
[14:21] Tanarian Davies: More points of view -- which is an overarching theme, by the way.
[14:21] Tanarian Davies: Perspective.
[14:21] Annechen Löwey: they include more background, such as the tavern songs.
[14:21] Tanarian Davies: Very Rashomon.
[14:22] Stereo Nacht: The novels are not *entirely* PG though...
[14:22] JJ Drinkwater: Well, perhaps we'll get to discussing those when we're done with this series
[14:22] Tanarian Davies: :D
[14:22] Stereo Nacht recalls a rather vivid part... :-D
[14:22] Sidonie Ancelin: Yes, I enjoyed reading the novels in context to the comics.
[14:22] Prince Telling: What do you take away from Chapter One that you expect to resolve in Chapter Two, if I may?
[14:22] Sidonie Ancelin: Extra insight.
[14:22] Wildstar Beaumont: YAY! Going into 2014!
[14:22] Tanarian Davies giggles
[14:23] Annechen Löwey: More threads.
[14:23] JJ Drinkwater: Ah, what I take away is...why do the Jagers want to keep sniffing Agatha?
[14:23] Prince Telling: heh
[14:23] Prince Telling nods
[14:23] Tanarian Davies: "Resolve"? What is this word "resolve"? I do not know it.
[14:23] Wildstar Beaumont: well ... Agatha's adoptive parents were left hanging .... I am curious to see what they do
[14:23] Annechen Löwey: Having read the Foglios before, I have not expected any threads to be tied off for the next few years.
[14:23] JJ Drinkwater: It brings up the question...just how kinky is the saga going to be?
[14:23] Wildstar Beaumont: they mentioned "going back to the old times" when the curfew was mentioned
[14:24] Tanarian Davies: Macrame in four dimensions.
[14:24] Wildstar Beaumont: they must be undercover professionals or something
[14:24] Sidonie Ancelin snerks
[14:24] Prince Telling: Very good Admiral
[14:24] JJ Drinkwater: Yes, there's obviously a story with "Adam" and "Lilith"
[14:24] Tanarian Davies: There's the whole question of "what are they going to do with her"?
[14:25] JJ Drinkwater nods "What do the Wulfenbachs *do* with sparks they, ah, acquire?"
[14:25] Prince Telling: yes... a bit sinister
[14:25] Sidonie Ancelin: Why, they eat them of course.
[14:25] Tanarian Davies: Oh, we haven't really talked about the Baron, have we.
[14:25] Sidonie Ancelin is KIDDING
[14:26] Satu Moreau: Haha
[14:26] JJ Drinkwater: Yes..another the baron an evil tyrant?
[14:26] Satu Moreau: :)
[14:26] Leslie Weston: yes, we will need to watch the Baron :)
[14:26] Tanarian Davies sits on her hands
[14:26] Prince Telling: :D well of course he is.....
[14:26] Annechen Löwey: In the first chapter, it is difficult to tell.
[14:26] Satu Moreau: I really can never think of him as one, but I think that's because I've had a character that's been in pretty much the same position as him.
[14:26] Wildstar Beaumont: he does not look properly "evil" so far
[14:27] JJ Drinkwater nods appreciatively at Miss Davies
[14:27] Satu Moreau: To me he's a sympathetic character
[14:27] Wildstar Beaumont: just a person with a lot of power to play with
[14:27] Wildstar Beaumont: and power corrupts to a certain extent
[14:27] Satu Moreau: He's doing what he feels is right for the good of the countries he watches over.
[14:27] Prince Telling: well, the street run with Gil... that's where we start to get a hint of what he might really be
[14:27] Wildstar Beaumont: he has to play dirty
[14:27] Satu Moreau: Though with his mind, sometimes it may seem questionable to others who can't see the big picture.
[14:27] Neill McCullough: Benevolent dictator?
[14:27] Tanarian Davies looks inquiringly at Mister Telling
[14:28] Prince Telling: one series of speed.. he is father, teacher, general, scientist
[14:28] Satu Moreau: Yesh
[14:28] Wildstar Beaumont: not even benevolent , Neill .. just dictator in the ancient roman meaning of the word
[14:29] Wildstar Beaumont: the one with power who does what he thinks need to be done
[14:29] Podruly Peccable: Making thingy ruler of the city as a punishment!
[14:29] Leslie Weston: I fear I must go--till next time!
[14:29] Tanarian Davies frees one hand to wave at Miss Weston
[14:29] JJ Drinkwater: Yes, that showed the Baron as more complex than your average tyrant
[14:29] Wildstar Beaumont waves good bye @ Miss Weston
[14:29] Serra: Thank you for coming, Leslie!
[14:30] JJ Drinkwater: Farewell, Madame Colleague
[14:30] Sidonie Ancelin: That was a rather deft decision, and typical of the character.
[14:30] Wildstar Beaumont: ...and he does show some sense of humor
[14:30] Wildstar Beaumont: ...which does not belong to evil characters
[14:30] Prince Telling: ...unless they are doubly evil
[14:30] Prince Telling grins
[14:30] Wildstar Beaumont: hehe
[14:31] Tanarian Davies: (Doctor Merlot)
[14:31] Stereo Nacht: Yes... Don't be fooled by the Baron you know in SL... ;-)
[14:31] Satu Moreau: Hah
[14:31] Wildstar Beaumont: A-moral character ?
[14:31] Stereo Nacht: He may be benevolent here, but that's mostly because he has the luxury to! ;-) (Or am I saying too much already?)
[14:31] Wildstar Beaumont thinks about Tyrion but that might be going too far *grins*
[14:31] Serra chuckles
[14:31] Tanarian Davies ducks her head and giggles
[14:31] Satu Moreau: Think it's a fair assessment.
[14:32] Prince Telling: Very nice chat
[14:32] JJ Drinkwater: Well, our time is up...and concluding thoughts?
[14:32] Podruly Peccable: It was great to re-read it
[14:32] Wildstar Beaumont: Can we make this daily ? *grins*
[14:32] Serra: I cant wait to read more!!
[14:32] Satu Moreau: Based on his interactions with Gil in the start though, I think it does show something of a benevolent nature to him when he's getting Gil to think when they're chasing down the runaway clank in the city.
[14:32] Stereo Nacht: Ah... perhaps one thing, as someone has been pointing to me...
[14:33] Tanarian Davies likes the next two volumes best so far.
[14:33] JJ Drinkwater: Please do Join us November 11 for Volume 2!
[14:33] Serra: Wildstar, Tanarian posts each day's page on Plurk ... there is a mini discussion there each day
[14:33] Neill McCullough: This is my first reading of a graphic novel - I can see myself reading more than one volume per month.
[14:33] Kghia Gherardi: It seems mad. There is a bit of science. And maybe some romance. Who would have thunk it?
[14:33] Tanarian Davies: Three times a week!
[14:33] JJ Drinkwater: And IM me if you wnt to schedule notecard, complete with in-world volumes
[14:33] Stereo Nacht: There are a few groups in SL for the GG afficionados. The first, general one, is the Wulfenbachian Emigrees.
[14:34] Stereo Nacht: The second is for those who would like to help the Baron and its current staff organize events, and do other stuff.
[14:34] Tanarian Davies: "Work".
[14:34] Serra: oven is beeping again... afk, sorry!!!
[14:34] Stereo Nacht: (There is also one for the Jägerkin and their fans.)
[14:34] Stereo Nacht: And yes, Ms. Davies: work.
[14:35] Stereo Nacht: Should you want to join any of them, please let the officers know.
[14:35] Tanarian Davies: Emigres is Open.
[14:35] Stereo Nacht: Ah, right.
[14:36] Serra: perhaps next time we could have a group joiner box here?
[14:36] Prince Telling: thank you for hosting
[14:36] Tanarian Davies looks at Missus Lowey
[14:36] Serra: See you all again Nov 11th for volume 2
[14:36] Annechen Löwey nods.
[14:36] Stereo Nacht: But should you volunteer for the Consulate one... Know that I regularly require assistance, and I am not shy to "volunteer" people! ;-)
[14:36] Tanarian Davies claps
[14:36] Sera Puchkina: Yes, thank you for hosting.
[14:37] Stereo Nacht: `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[14:37] Lenara Amell: Thank you!
[14:37] Wildstar Beaumont: ??? Applauds!!! ???
[14:37] Annechen Löwey: `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[14:37] Serra: perhaps I will send Selena to volunteer
[14:37] Sera Puchkina applauds
[14:37] Kghia Gherardi: thanks you
[14:37] Prince Telling: claps
[14:37] Tanarian Davies: Staff requires an interview. :)
[14:37] Neill McCullough: ???? APPAWS! ????
[14:37] Tanarian Davies: Right ma'am?
[14:37] Kghia Gherardi: Is there a tip jar for the venue?
[14:37] Podruly Peccable: Huzzah!
[14:37] Serra: the fountain is the tip device
[14:37] Wildstar Beaumont: The fountain
[14:37] Stereo Nacht: Unless they have already proved themself worthy, I believe.
[14:37] Serra: opposite the stage
[14:37] Help Support: Thank you for supporting the Winterfell Community Center!
[14:37] Tanarian Davies: I 'spect so.
[14:38] Kghia Gherardi: ty
[14:38] Herndon Bluebird: On to Vol. 2! Night all!

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